The Experiment has been Paused.


For 14 years, Renegade Theatre Experiment produced some of the most evocative, fun, challenging, and exceptional productions in the South Bay. We eagerly enjoyed sharing these roller coaster rides with you and building the Renegade community. We have been fiercely committed to only producing theatre of the highest caliber and would not accept mediocrity. Unfortunately, we reached a point where we risked falling short on this commitment. We have decided the time has come to pause the Experiment. At the conclusion of our 2014/2015 season, we suspended operations for RTE.

This was an extremely difficult decision and not one made hastily. Several of us reached a point of running on empty. The effort needed to continually raise the funds necessary to produce our type of theatre, in the face of increasing costs, has taken its toll. A break was in order. We are using this period of contemplation to recharge, refocus, and reform. After an appropriate period of time, we will assemble to rebuild the Experiment.

We know that going dark for a while carries certain risks. The fear is that we will never return. The fear is that this it. We share this concern deeply. So many of you have reached out to us to voice your support and strong desire for Renegade to continue. You are our motivation and every voice raised energizes us. Please remain in touch by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and by subscribing to our email list. Do not let us forget! When the time comes to rise from our slumber, we will be starting anew and will need many people to rebuild and improve the Experiment! We believe this allows us the creative freedom to reshape the Experiment based on lessons learned and form RTE into an even stronger company.

On behalf of everyone, past and present, at Renegade Theatre Experiment, I thank you so much for your support, enthusiasm, and passion for RTE. The Renegade community is unlike any other I have had the good fortune to count myself a member. Each of you made us better than we were before and we are stronger for knowing you! Thank you for being part of the Experiment!

Sean C. Murphy
Artistic Director


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