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The Derek Batoyon Award

Everyone involved with Renegade Theatre Experiment makes a valuable contribution to the company's success, but occasionally there are those precious few that go above and beyond the call of duty. We wanted to honor these people and, starting in 2007, we decided to give out an annual award to recognize their efforts. We could never come up with a cool name for the award, but all of us on the Board and Staff knew who was going to be the first recipient, Derek Batoyon.

Derek is one of those rare individuals that consistently gives 150%, but does so without fanfare or fuss. He was one of the few in attendance at RTE's very first production back in August of 2001. The following year, he joined the Experiment as backstage crew for our first full length production, SIN. Since then, Derek has been involved with almost every single production in some capacity. Early on, it became clear that he had a passion for sound and he devloped into our Resident Sound Designer. When we decided to stage our first family production, Derek jumped in not only to design sound, but to compose original music as well. He is at load-in and strikes. He is always there when somebody needs a hand. His tireless dedication and passion for Renegade are an example to all of us. We are extremely fortunate and honored to be able to work with him and have him as a friend.

It was Jim Gross that ended up stating the obvious. The award should be named for Derek, as he would be the benchmark all future recipients would be measured against. So, in 2007, we awarded the Inagural Derek Batoyon Award to it's namesake. Since then, we have recognized the individual that best meets the criteria of the award, which is:


Below is the list of those honored Renegades that have followed in Derek's footsteps and made a significant contribution to the Experiment:

2014 Recipients Mandy Armes
Jenny Patell

2013 Recipient Jenn Poret

2012 Recipient Tanya Finkelstein

2011 Recipient Jean McCarron

2010 Recipient Michael Daw

2009 Recipient Violet Ash

2008 Recipient Jim Gross

2007 Recipient Derek Batoyon

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