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RTE Ensemble Members

Mike Daw

Michael Daw

RTE Ensemble since 2006
Technical Staff & Ensemble Coordinator
Recipient of the 2010 Derek Batoyon Award


Right Place, Right Time.
Fight Choreographer
THE WHIPPING MAN; SHE KILLS MONSTERS; THE DRUNKEN CITY; IMPERIAL FIZZ; BOOM; IMPERIAL FIZZ; GREEN WHALES; eat the runt [2011]; OUROBOROS; ALL THIS INTIMACY; KILLER JOE; Right Place, Right Time; Bug; A Clockwork Orange; Mr. Marmalade; Noah Johnson...; Titus Andronicus; The PornoZombies; Macbeth.
Assistant Stage Manager
The PornoZombies.
Run Crew
Right PLace, Right Time.


Napa, California

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